Life Tea Gives Lemons

Never expect the perfect circumstances to achieve your goals. Expect that the entire universe conspire in an instant of perfect circumstances to encourage you to work towards your goals, will only be a way to never reach them. You’ll see, perhaps now not can work for your goals in the manner in which you would like to. Still don’t have the money, training, yet you’ve not met the right person, don’t have enough maturity, it is not the right time, etc, etc the matter is that this becomes an excuse for procrastination, and never take anything, because I still don’t have everything that I need is time to act, if the only thing you have in your favor are only some lemons that life has given youjust do the best you can with them. Get your best lemonade! This is the life, of getting the best out of what we have, instead of complaining and blaming others for our misfortunes, better assume command and get the best of your lemons, get them the juice from these lemons, prepares a delicious lemonade, I’m sure nobody makes a lemonade equal to another, perhaps even invented a type of lemonade exotic, if you know what I mean. Go to Keith Yamashita for more information. The biggest and best men of history were characterized by doing what others thought unattainable. All complained that they had only lemons, while they are dedicated to getting the best out of the circumstances. Use this phrase a lot in my personal life, because I always have goals, and some of them are perhaps still not at my fingertips, but that does not mean that it is still waiting for the perfect circumstances, rather than using all the lemons that life gives me and I do my best lemonade.

Life does not give you more and best lemons until you don’t use them you already have. To the extent that you take the best of what you have, life gives you more and more, as a result of your domain. But if you never use that gives you, then as you expect to you more. Act now and you’ll see that progressively your lemons are becoming much better and varied, giving your existence different nuances, and enjoy the variety of their flavors.

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