Latin America set in that offspring of Santander and Paez, leguleya and trompe l ‘ il She, brutal and leader, served to your own taste after the death of the Liberator. Were those children lots of ants that took ownership of the power, becoming caves of battles for their respective countries. Falling into the traps of their own divisions (caudillismo), greedily anymore by the aphid of their interests (economic power), they seized the lands and goods of the republics, consolidating in caste, sowing social misery, division, exclusion, sometimes a few supported by foreign patronage, sometimes others, according to the convenience of the Godfather, logically. Swore these sons of Paez or Santander the war to the death between brothers (already as economic domes), calculating slyly who earned more or who last the greater coat of arms of cleanliness of blood or political power, each of which since their respective holes, as if a recent war of independence had not finished conclusion, made precisely to destroy what now they seemed to continue cultivating with an unused colonialism anxiety as if Republican floor who played not had been given to them by the blood and sweat of a man who during the fight left a sizeable fortune and was specified to be covered with a linen employed to dress his death. That among them, in the heights paecistas or santanderists; among equals, say, on the levels of blood, from a bunker of country against another, as masters of the coroto that have always been.

Meanwhile the people was always in the midst of such powers and whims ricachonescos game a mass despaturrada, gutted, stark, descalzada. Fate of quarry or gold mine where periodically went to continue endorsing the power under the speech of deception, power fed and sustained by sweating, bloods and tears. You know, it is the system, custom, law, homeland, where we all have to fight and defend, understanding, of course, that the history of the world always has been a breakdown between who send them that obey, some who eat and others that are snacks, ones that prey and others that hold the food chain. .

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