Budget IT optimize with virtualization and server based computing to a new technology to introduce must she offer decisive advantages. Reduce operating costs and both improve performance benefits at the same time offers server based computing. The costs pay for themselves after 12 months. The analysis considered PC network and thin client architecture and separates current and system introduction cost for unique. As one-time costs, the current prices of the software licenses, hardware, operating systems, and installation work are considered at each workstation. Ongoing costs licenses for new additional jobs and installing new jobs at maintenance, failure, backup, updates, hardware failure.

With the energy consumption of only 8Watt per station, thin clients have the keyword Green IT”shaped. Energy costs are rather low compared to the savings in the administration. This item is not neglected but not only because of rising energy prices. Proposes the introduction of system of SunRay as Hardware, licenses, and installation costs to beech. Who tips his pencil and want to calculate maximum savings, can consider in addition saving products in the cost calculator at a switch to OpenOffice. In the individual analysis, the cost calculator provides a period of 5 years in comparison and thus allows for simulations with different values. The surprising result is mostly the savings during downtime. The Lebenddauer of thin clients is 8 years according to the manufacturer.

Factors that not to get, but be sure to mention as great advantages of thin clients are: Sun Rays have no drives or fan. You will develop neither noise nor heat. First of all good users, which can sit better air in the workplace and also not be bothered by fans blowers. The system administrator is happy that there are no nesting sites for viruses and worms on the workstation. The administrator of a decentralised has to manage PC care network, updates, patches, and administration of Busy network drives and personal applications. The server-based solution, the entire administration is centrally organized. Here, the main saving compared to the PC is network. For the users the procedures remain the same completely. The familiar desktop environment goes on the computer, which provides all the usual applications as servers in the data center or server room. The introduction can be done step by step: thanks to Linux and Solaris, or even operating systems in operation include platform independence Windows to operate. Thin clients can be seamlessly with PC networks. Enter the key data of your PC and server landscape in the calculator are calculates your personal savings.

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