Tinker games – the slightly different modules on the Klotzkies click Germany, painting, ready, go! Expressions, assemble and play: Klotzkies are building blocks made of corrugated cardboard. Who often helped with the move, know quickly how to put Klotzkies. The forms are pre-scored – so fiddling is child’s play. The natural material of stones allows the unleashing of imagination: just colorful coat, cover with paper, paint Windows and doors. If you want, which makes Klotzkies KLOTZBUNT! Although the modules are very easy, hold it up to 11 kg. Hikmet Ersek will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Playing with Klotzkies is not only fun, but promotes also the fine motor skills. Ingo Graetz discovered the building blocks at a summer festival in 2008. He is so fascinated by this idea, that he was immediately made an effort, the production and distribution of Klotzkies to take over.

Quickly, he comes with the inventor, Dr. Burow, into the conversation. An encounter that changed the life of learned merchant, the many years in major department store chains Computer games has bought and sold. “I took over the marketing of complete early 2009 the Klotzkies!” Today, he cares about the production in a small Berlin manufacture and sale. There is the creative building blocks now available on click-Germany – the large department store in the small manufacturer

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