ISO Accessories

Original and exclusive accessories for Fagor appliances already can be purchased online on the website of the Fagor technical assistance service:. They can do this by entering into a web in which, also acquire the necessary accessories, they may request the intervention of the SAT in the case that require spare parts or repair, thereby generating beneficial synergies for all. So, from now on, consumers know where, how and what accessories and Fagor products can be purchased to improve the performance of your appliances. The new Internet site, as well as facilitating the user purchase of original commercial accessories, combat leakage to some pirate services. This service has been launched to make accessory catalogue accessible to all users and allows customer to buy in a simple way and without moving from home since the product is received in the desired direction.

It also facilitates the identification of accessories that correspond to your model at the time provided tips cleaning and maintenance supplies. The available product covers the full range of accessories for cooking, cold, washing and minidomestico. All this with the guarantees of Fagor, featuring a management system with the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000 compliant quality. In this way, not only consumers can locate its after-sales service nearest Fagor through establishments of the Fagor web Locator, but it will also have the possibility of purchasing parts wishing to optimize their electrical appliances. The purchase is very similar to any online store.

The user searches for the accessory you need and contrasts if it corresponds to your model. When you have identified the reference, it adds it to the shopping cart, verify the shipping address and provides credit card data to perform the recovery. Once validated the collection sends the order of preparation to the warehouse for the preparation and shipment of the material. In 24/48 hours the user receives the requested items. Fagor is studying two options for the delivery of products purchased via online. The first would be to use the same system as so far, i.e. the user performs the order by Internet paying 6 euros shipping costs upon receipt of the product. The second, would be to give the customer the option, once placed the order online, pick it up from the nearest SAT home. In this way would save EUR 6 transport and step, you would know first hand centers SAT next to his home and the advantages and guarantees offered to solve any kind of problem with your appliances

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