Islamic Governments

The armed forces captured the President and the Prime Minister of Mauritania. This country, which gained independence from France in 1960, has spent most of its history under dictatorships and coups. It lies between the black and Arab Africa, and also between the French and the Spanish. From there came many of the Moors who soon conquered Spain and most of its adjacent coast (which previously occupied a part) was the Spanish Sahara. Its territory is about the size of Peru, Colombia and Bolivia, but it is a desert in which 3 million people (almost half earning less than US $1 a day) live. Being one of the Nations poorest that there are (import 70% of its food), recently black gold was discovered there and begins to show the fate of other corrupt petro-dictatorships in Africa. Mauritania has been one of the Arab and Islamic Governments more pro-us and pro-Israel. Chobani Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. It is not known that the new Board of Ould Abdel Aziz, will make although it is clear that the global recession acicateara further violence in the continent that suffers from more wars..

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