Intrenet SEO Pricing

"Now, if we had agreed that it would have been very different" – so they think the leaders of most of those companies who are a couple of years ago came the proposal to promote the site in search engines. Time passed, and with it ability to quickly and cheaply was in first place in the search engines for your query in a competitive themes. These people are biting their elbows and trying to find a contractor who for the small money they will make a "small miracle". But not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Companies who will untwist the site for a small budget, little was left. There are, however, good fellows who promise TOP10 for $ 100, but I would not recommend it: in the best case effect will be zero, at worst – have to re-conduct site optimization and the price naturally increases.

So the choice is obvious. The question arises about the price of site promotion: that it contains and whether it is justified. Promotion does not is reduced to the commonplace placing ads in directories. This is primarily work with the site: site analysis, keyword selection, optimization of site structure, optimization of texts. The only downside is that since the changes to a positive effect it may take a couple of months. Output in this case is the use of contextual advertising services – rapid deployment, immediate effect. And the price of content will depend not on raskrutchikov appetites, and the value of a particular search phrase. In pursuit of the imaginary and the meager profits should not refer to the "mountain raskrutchikam" – the results can be sad. Many professionals simply need to be properly search.

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