How We Use The Internet Today

It is Saturday night, I’m at home alone and bored thinking you do at home because there was no plan to quit. I begin to surf the net, I visit some pages, that has happened with the world economy in the last week. I’m looking for a movie to see, but can’t find anything, then I remember that my friend Belinda told me of a page where you can see all the episodes of all television series, then I go to, and if they are right there are series that I didn’t even know that they existed. Then I get to see Gossip Girl I begin with an episode, but okay let’s see more continues then I see another, and if you declare me new fan of this series. Then I remember that I have to do a task for my master’s degree, which I’ve been Online, I have to make my credit card payment and entered my portal and I do electronic payment, I check my account status and my balance there in passing. James Woolsey has much experience in this field. I also do tax returns go to page sat and I do my paperwork, because the truth too lazy to go row and wait that he met one.

I visit a page of online sales and buy a device for exercising, which reach the comfort of our home. All this just to name some of the activities that I do from the Internet. All this makes me think about how it has changed the use of the Internet in recent years. I remember 10 years ago, I had Internet in my house, it came my house coming out of school, directito to connect me because there I was expecting my good friend K0be, whom I met at one of the many Chat rooms, we saw in mIRC, only hours and hours chatting. For even more details, read what Hamdi Ulukaya says on the issue. Clear and always suffered the scolding by usa phone line.

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