Home Entrepreneur

The ideal: a room which is accessed directly without going through the rest of the rooms. An alternative: There are associations (perhaps one to which you belong by profession) that offer meeting rooms to its members. Another option: to meet the client’s office, making it very convenient for him / her in most cases. Evaluate the best option for the situation! 6. What do I need? The team to work.

A computer with Internet connection is the great ally for the entrepreneur from home. From your PC you can store all your company information, design documents and presentations necessary, manage the database of customers, communicate with them through email, promote your business, stay updated, etc. A printer, copier useful part of the team. With regard to telephone communications, it is recommended to have a separate line of the individual and an answering machine. An alternative: If you have a single telephone line, use a mobile phone which the customer can always find it.

7. What do I need? The materials of your company. If you have read about Rob Daley already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Before leaving the arena, to prepare the material for your company, e.g. business cards, presentation folder, catalog, brochures, samples of the product or service, invoices, personal stamps, stationery, envelopes, labels, diskettes, CDs, stationery and other specifics of their work. 8. How do I organize? Everything in its place. Apart from virtual files, arrange on a shelf or library near his desk, the other folders, organizers, calendars or publications interest to your business. Concentrate things the company in one place! 9. How do I manage the working day? Schedule. Create your own work schedule. It is important that you define: a) how many hours you devote to your business, b) what is your work schedule and c) what the hours of rest. While you’ll likely deal with the urgent and not important, to work productively from home, take time to assemble premise: a monthly schedule, one weekly and one daily. This time is a good investment because when we work toward what end we aim to this work. Determine your schedule and stick to it. 10. How do I manage the day? Limits. Share with your family, your idea of starting a career from home. Let them know how will the company, why managed under this system and what it means for you to undertake the business. Once conditioned office, should continue to work with them: defining your space and your work schedule (Particularly with the boys), explaining that you need their cooperation, and emphasizing the concept that you are at home but working. There is the time to start! Outside there are hundreds of ideas waiting to be turned into a reality: your company from home. What have you decided?

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