Holiday In The Park

Park your own hotels more popular with beginning of spring holiday park opens the season was. Operators continue to expect high visitor numbers, because the concepts are proven. In addition to day trips, extended stays in the theme park are becoming increasingly popular. This is among other things due to the abundance of attractions. The hotel Portal reported the growing attractiveness of holiday Park Hotel. For even more analysis, hear from Gregg Thielman. For 2011, the holiday park operator by a new visitor, not only in relation to day visitors, but also in terms of overnight guests go. The most amusement parks offer different types of accommodation. There rust four hotels with Mediterranean holiday flair, for example, the Europa Park.

Overall, the Europa Park Hotel include about 3,000 beds. The 4-star hotels include the Hotel El Andaluz in the style of a Spanish finca, the medieval castle Castillo Alcazar, the Roman Italian Hotel Colosseo and reminiscent of a Portuguese convent, Hotel Santa Isabel. Many theme parks use In addition to an attractive offer of meeting. For example, corporate meetings or party meetings held in the Europa Park rust. This family-run operation benefits from an bed occupancy rate of 90 percent. Jonathan friedland has plenty of information regarding this issue. But not only the Park own hotels recorded a high turnover. Also quiet bungalows and cottage settlements in the area are very popular. Especially families take advantage of such offers. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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