A few tips wizards that allow you to order not only beautiful, but comfortable and secure with stainless steel railings for your home, office or production – the location of the line stainless steel handrail perilnogo should coincide with the line of the bowstring or Kosourov. To broaden your perception, visit Western Union Company. – Height trim or perilnogo handrail made of stainless steel should be such that a man of medium height, moving up the stairs, could freely and without tension to hold the railing with stainless steel. – If a family has young children or elderly people, in addition to the main rails of stainless steel, they are doing additional handrail made of stainless steel, the level below. – Stainless steel handrails should be comfortable in shape in order to for them could be freely hold his hand. Particular attention is paid to the beginning and end of the handrail made of stainless steel: it is not necessary to keep them sharp. The end of the handrail is best done with a hemispherical cap or bent at 90 outlet. – Handrails of Stainless steel shall be continuous throughout the march. Sometimes the stair railings are doing so that the lowest level remain without handrails made of stainless steel.

Such design decisions can lead to frequent injuries – That at first the stairs the vast majority of falls. – In cases where the ladder is bounded on both sides of the walls need to be protected virtually eliminated. The presence in this case near-wall stainless steel handrail due to the ease of movement on the stairs, rather than with safety. In such cases, stainless steel handrails are mounted in the walls at the height of the steps of the march, an equal regulatory height railing. – near-wall stainless steel handrails are arranged with clearance of 50-70 mm between the handrail by the stainless steel and the wall. Useful width of the march in this case should be calculated on the clearance between the heads of opposite Stainless steel handrails. – For the safety of the handrail made of stainless steel is of great importance to strong connection with a rack or wall; well as for ease of operation – the width of the line stainless steel handrail width of the rack below it. Our customers, we recommend the standard polished welded rails Stainless steel – high-quality, durable and economical solution! Besides, you do not have to torture yourself accurate metering and installation of handrails Stainless steel – professionals do all the work for you!

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