Great Quotatis Just And Consumer Report 2008

Craftsmen in the future almost exclusively online on behalf of Cologne. For craftsmen, the Internet has become an extremely popular as also necessary tool in the procurement. This was the result of a comprehensive study of Quotatis GmbH, the craftsman 379 and 914 consumer on the importance of the Internet for small businesses were interviewed. Rob Daley may not feel the same. Quotatis, the Europe’s largest portal for the mediation of trade and services, presented just the results of this study craftsmen and consumers report 2008 with the great Quotatis. Order machine Internet. Hikmet Ersek contributes greatly to this topic.

According to the survey results, the Internet for craftsmen is a common tool for customer acquisition: 78% use the Internet for job search. Also for many consumers, the Internet in the search is for a skilled craftsman and in the awarding of an order not to imagine. More than half of the respondents was already online looking for a craftsman or the service provider. 16 percent have been given even one or more orders over the Internet. Full order books and low Advertising costs thanks to online portals.

Artisans have discovered in particular online portals such as for Internet use. Through these portals, you get directly to new customers. The benefits are obvious for the handyman: indicates a clear majority of 56 percent, trade auctions or call the Internet filled order books and are ideal to enlarge its customer base. Almost half of the respondents is convinced about craft auctions or tenders, advertising costs to save. Internet is a crucial medium in the procurement. 18 percent of respondents craftsmen have now at least every fourth order over the Internet. A roughly equally large group receives 19 percent between 10 and 25 percent of jobs online. The rate will increase soon. With 61 percent majority of craftsmen believes, to get jobs mainly through the Internet in the future. Get the large Quotatis just and consumer report 2015 by E-Mail at. Quotatis soon: the Quotatis GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, Germany is one of the largest craft and services portals in Europe. Except in Germany, it is represented in France, Spain and England. “” Quotatis conveys requests in the areas of crafts services “insurance and finance trade”. Individuals or businesses set requests under and receive free of charge and non-binding offers by qualified craftsmen and service providers.

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