It has been estimated that to grow the food needed to feed one person per day, are required 10mil liters of water, the human being to meet their nutritional and hygienic needs a minimum of 30 liters per day per person. If we calculate it to Caracas for example, is 300 liters per day per capita and if you add the demand of the industry that happens to be very significant in the use of resource. Some contend that Western Union shows great expertise in this. Another example, to produce a gallon of milk requires 7.5 tons, 1 ton of crude oil demand of 5 tons of water, a ton of artificial fibers between 100 and 5000 tonnes a hectare of maize 3,200 tons of water, in relation to water the sea, nothing serious, no plans, no action is being conducted to prevent the catastrophe that has resulted in a long time in Moron and its surroundings have been facing, suffering as a result of mercury pollution, which has led to victims within the population of many contaminated mercury. Added to this is the decline and depletion of marine species were killed by the chemicals that are purged in the sea. As pointed out their potential Schmalel our seas indicate that offshore oil deposits reach a significant value of millions of dollars and can reach in 25 years, the figure of several thousand million Bs. Currently 20% of oil production comes from underwater sources.

It is very necessary for the Government, especially the Ministry of environmental protection, punish, close those industries that dispose of their chemical waste into the seas. Between 5 and 10 million tons of oil are poured in ports and at sea. The rivers carry to the sea and lead to no less than 15 billion m3 of solid year-Hence, as a consequence of the above, marine life has decreased by 40% in the last 30 years, and perhaps in the next years more than 100 species will disappear if they can reproduce. Such is the destruction that we are making our beaches, which are very few to whom one can go swimming, enjoy, due to fish kill in them are, for the poison that they suffer, as a result of pollution for reasons already mentioned. It is regrettable that the waters yesterday by the same self-cleaning nature, they do not, the man demanded the need to build plants to purify it. Studies performed on pricing yield significant data in bolivar further per capita, leads to the questions “Who will cover these expenses? What does the government deal with this situation? Justifies the exploitation of oil that kills a vital resource to survive, such as marine life? How to guarantee the birth of normal children, especially those living in this food source? Do we save from this disaster? What lies ahead?

Let us definitely not forget, as quoted images. that water pollution not only occurs in rivers or lakes, but also in the ocean, many of the boats throw oil into the sea causing pollution and the death of many marine animals. Industrial wastes, even in very small concentrations, are highly toxic to marine life, polluted water may also cause outbreaks of hepatitis, cholera and dysentery in humans. Modern man has changed the radiant crystalline color fuzzy brown water. Accidentally or on purpose, has dumped millions of tons of dirt. In an attempt to launder their clothes housewives have only succeeded, filled with foam detergent phosphates, for example some of the cause they grow algae and other aquatic plants turning marshy lakes.

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