Galileu Galilei

At the beginning of century XVII, Newton based its explanation in careful comments of the planetary movements, made for Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler. Newton studied the mechanism that made with that the Moon turned around the Land. Studying the principles elaborated for Galileu Galilei and for Johannes Kepler, obtained to elaborate a theory that said all the bodies that possuam mass they would suffer attraction between itself. From the laws of Kepler, Newton showed that types of forces must be necessary to keep the planets in its orbits. Source: Hikmet Ersek. It calculated as the force would have to be in the surface of the Land. This force proved to be the same one that of to the mass its acceleration. It says a legend that, when she had 23 years, Newton saw an apple to fall of a tree and understood that the same force made that it to fall it kept the Moon in its orbit around the Land. Formularization of the Law of the Universal Gravitation – Two puntiformes bodies m1 and m2 are attracted in the distance exerting between itself forces of same intensity F1 and F2, proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of (r) between them.

G is the gravitational constant. The law of the universal gravitation says that two objects any are attracted gravitationally by means of a force that depends on the masses of these objects and in the distance that it has between them. Data N (Newtons) or 36 nN. The establishment of a gravitation law, that unifies all the terrestrial and celestial phenomena of attraction between the bodies, had enormous importance for the evolution of modern science. It consists of the Bible in the Book of Gnesis, Chapter 1, Versicles 1 and 2, that: In the principle God created the skies and the land. the land was without empty form and; had darknesses on the face of the abyss; the Spirit of God if moved on the face of waters.

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