Finishing Materials

On the Ukrainian market of finishing materials suspended ceilings appeared relatively recently, but now the advantages of stretch ceilings and appreciated by consumers and interior designers, and representatives of the companies-builders. and indeed – all the advantages that are inherent stretch ceilings are so obvious that the owners of a stretch ceiling often left very satisfied. Let's take a closer look at the fact a number of advantages, that produce the suspended ceiling, among other finishes. Installation of suspended ceilings only takes a few hours, with the installation runs without rearrangement of furniture and no debris. Stretch ceilings are not require special care, and if necessary, easily removed. Practice shows that the suspended ceiling will change more frequently due to a desire to change the interior, rather than for other reasons. Stretch ceilings are very strong – 1 m2 stand load equal to 100 kg.

Also of note is the high moisture suspended ceilings. For example, if the neighbors from the top floor will forget to close the valve, the ceiling will protect from flooding your apartment – within 2 days about 60 liters of water can be retained ceiling without any consequences. Stretch ceilings are environmentally friendly and safe – they do not emit harmful substances do not contain allergens that have no smell. Also very important is the fact that tension ceilings are fire resistant and trudnosgoraemy (have a certificate of fire safety class M1). Stretch ceilings significantly increase the thermal insulation of the room, which is especially important in cold winters or instability of heating systems.

Sound absorption stretch ceilings have a positive impact on the acoustics of the room. Separately, we note that at the stretch ceilings does not settle the condensate. This allows you to easily install suspended ceilings in areas with high humidity – in swimming pools, bathrooms, nursery, health and spa facilities. Briefly technology install stretch ceilings can be described as follows: on the walls of the well-fixed frame, then on He fastened the canvas. Then the room is heated to a temperature termopushkoy at 50-60 degrees Celsius, and heat the film becomes soft and elastic, which allows to produce stretch fabrics. After normalization of temperature fabric forms a perfectly flat plane. In this design stretch ceiling allows you to mount any, even very sophisticated lighting systems, until the painting with light – a special kind of design on the basis of fiber-optic systems. As for the price of a stretch ceiling, you can just take a calculator and calculate. As a result, it appears that the suspended ceiling generally cheaper than hanging, painted and wallpapered counterparts. You also take into account the cost of services to remove the old coating from the ceiling, materials and work on leveling the ceiling, installation time and the time required for cleaning, right? That leaves a total of that stretch ceiling is also beneficial. As you know, everyone chooses for themselves. But usually the person wants to choose the best. So make the right choice, gentlemen.

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