Federal University

In the city this product is planted not alone for the subsistent one, but also for sales in the capital of the state. Identity In the city, the illiteracy index is small since the same it counts as a particular college, having in its picture almost 200 pupils, in the etria band of 03 the 15 years. As well as a municipal college that more than attends 400 pupils of the maternal one the basic education, also has a college of state matrix that attends 1000 pupils more than, operating in the three turns, working with maternal, basic education and average education, outrossim, we still count on the federal programs the example of the EJA (Adult Young Education of e) among others. Finally, it is registered existence of a Polar region of the Federal University of Sergipe, that counts as more than 200 pupils, these registered in diverse courses of licenciatura. It is observed that he is euma reference only of the urban zone, therefore in each one of the 17 (dezessete) also town has schools of the municipal net. For being the city of small transport, this does not have structure to condition all the demand for work in the administrative sphere, taking great part of the population, exactly with a certain educational level, to inside look to other alternatives of job of the city the example of the work in the farming in the harvest of orange, or the plant of improvement of products the milk base (laticnios), also considered a small generator of job. Religion Derived from the Latin term ‘ ‘ Reverse speed; ‘ , that it means ‘ ‘ religao’ ‘ with the holy ghost. This definition engloba necessarily any form of mstico and religious aspect, enclosing seitas, mythologies and any other doctrines or forms of thought that have as characteristic basic a Metaphysical content, that is, of beyond the physical world.

This definition is present in the life of the population of this city, the example of the existence of some evanglicos temples, these divided in some denominations. Some places of fetichism of candombls also exist, that weekly they carry through its rituals, as well as still become gift the conservation of the quacks. However, the church catholic is predominant, having celebrations of masses all the afternoons, some nights and to the sundays per the morning.

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