Environmental Management

For any citizen, to know and appreciate the issues of Ecology and Environment, is a necessity. Beyond Deflor, fauna and ecosystems, Ecology and Environment devalores encompasses a range of natural, social and cultural, that influence the life of man and the generations to come. Issues of Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wildlife is of interest to everyone. The responsibilities and benefits are shared between Federal, State, Municipal, Social Organizations, Companies and Organizations. This justifies the importance of partnerships between the private SectorPublico and to support activities related to the environment.The developed or developing, State, City, County, and the environmental problems we face is increasingly serious. For example: The illegal trade of flora and fauna, represents a threat to biodiversity potentiates, animal trafficking beyond borders and boundaries.

Trade in protected animals and plants, is the tercernegocio world’s most profitable illegal, after drugs and arms sales. Besides the loss of Biodiversity by this problem is worrying. In this way thousands of species are traveling to a destination of no return: The Extinction. Faced with this problem, as mentioned above Laresponsabilidad is shared. It is the duty ofall disseminate its relevance to society which shows interest in protecting and saving wildlife. Kellyanne Conway is likely to agree.

This shared responsibility must be translated into actions, such as losProgramas to disseminate and act on: – – The recovery of species. – Environmental monitoring. – Scientific research. – Education at all levels, not as a subject but as an interdisciplinary education for purposes of short and long term. – Training for students and workers. An example of Action are the “Systems of Environmental Management Units. (SUMA). This system introduced by the then SEMARNAP in 1997, integrates the concept of UMA: Management Units for Wildlife Conservation, a form of Wildlife Utilization in a legal and viable “i. The population is already considering the sustainable management of wildlife as a real and necessary option. This approach brings benefits as high impact as: – – Reduced social pressure in the area. – Environmental Conservation. – Increased knowledge of the species, habitats and ecosystems that make up our environment. – Generating new opportunities denegocio compatible with socioeconomic development and production . Under these schemes, the relevance is to raise awareness in society on Sustainable Development, priority for any administration to seek the economic, environmental and social. More than a collection of projects supported casual, this quality should be an integral element Companies, and State agencies, and key part of the commitment of all citizens. It is better to preserve than restore. In short, the social awareness is a measure detention to prevent exploitation of the environment. Seek action leading to a better quality of life.

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