Diets Abspeck Boom

The recommendations of our nutritionists cannot vote in Leipzig March 24, 2010 – there has never been a greater range of the weight loss diets as at the present time, weight gurus sprout just out of the ground like a weed. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. Insurance moan and rant but continue cling to their old concept. Take only the diabetes type two as an example of many civilization diseases, of the taxpayer (where Gets the Government otherwise the money?) costs a fortune. First, the person to the doctor is because he feels uncomfortable. \”Determined then that he diabetes type two supposedly\” is ill, followed immediately thereafter the enrolment in the diabetes program. Only in very rare cases together with the patient, a doctor is trying to find the cause of the elevated blood glucose levels out. Learn more on the subject from Center for Environmental Health. Often, it would be only necessary to take the package leaflets of medicines under the magnifying glass, which can increase a blood sugar level.

The number of unreported cases of people who are only made from their doctor to the diabetic is very high. Has This patient once the stamp of a diabetic on the forehead are liable, he is up at the end of his life including the side effects of the drugs diabetics, because until today scientists argue each other always, whether diabetes is curable. The doctor takes his patients who come regularly again, the pharmaceutical industry will also have their expensive\”bring drugs to the patient, because the diseases of civilization come just right. This is a billion dollar business! But, each individual taxpayer, not our Government paid this Bill. \”We take the recommendation we should 5 times a day fruit eat once\” under the microscope. Fruits fruit sugar has increased blood sugar levels! Whole wheat bread is eaten for breakfast, which is not healthier than any other bread, or cereal. Bread/cereals are made of flour, carbs are carbs raise blood sugar levels! At lunch, starchy side dishes come as the blood glucose level rises potatoes, pasta or rice to due to the carbohydrates! Evening Bread again? Again elevated blood sugar levels.

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