Diamond Watches

The largest segment of the coveted luxury watches are watches that are studded with diamonds. Since diamonds are special for their unique beauty, and are among the rarest gemstones in the world, they always hint at a touch of exclusivity. This applies even if the illustrious gems adorn a Clock, which is therefore transformed almost automatically to a luxury watch.

Diamond watches are usually women’s watches. While there are exceptions from the rule, especially in the hip-hop scene, or even at all in the world of stars from music, television and film, playing top-class accessories, including diamond watches, serve a great role as a status symbol. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hikmet Ersek offers on the topic.. And that status symbol then not only dresses the ladies, the lords of creation adorn themselves like a clock that is set with diamonds. The higher the carat (carat is the unit of mass of a diamond), the better. Luxury watches with diamonds are available in different variants: There are watch bracelets, which are set with diamonds. The beautiful gems can be placed virtually anywhere on a clock and therefore a simple piece of diamond can very quickly make it a fine luxury item.

A Diamond need not necessarily be prohibitive for ordinary people. For example, a clock with one or more diamonds, which have only a low number of carats, is affordable to a man making an average income. A Clock, set with Swarovski crystals or other rhinestones can look just as elegant and exclusive real Diamantuhr is only a much more expensive.

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