Credit Card Management

The credit card debt problem is very common nowadays. It is usually the first sign of long-term financial difficulties. How to manage your credit cards so you never fall into credit card mess? There are four pillars in preventing the problem of credit card debt. First pillar: the proper administration of credit cards One of the best practices in managing your credit cards is to segregate the costs of their credit card three credit cards based on your spending pattern. The first credit card be used for fixed payments such as services, subscriptions, insurance, memberships, etc. The second credit card must be maintained for everyday expenses such as shopping, eating in restaurants, grocery stores, gasoline, etc. The third credit card for emergencies. Each month you need to delete the entire total of three credit cards.

Do not pay any amount over minimum requirement. At the time of leaving a small balance, which is added to balance the next month. Remember this is a preventive action plan. Place the second credit card immediately if in one month can not remove the entire balances of three credit cards. Stop using the card of a second until you manage to pay the full balance of their cards in a month.

You will have to pay cash for purchases made during the month. Do not use your third party credit card is for emergencies. If you still can not erase all the balances on your credit cards each month, even after putting away his second card, you should check your fixed monthly payments will be charged to your credit card first.

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