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Nord-soft outlines the benefits of business process outsourcing (BPO) in the Commission management Horst / October 14, 2009 – according to a recent survey of North-soft GmbH is the business process outsourcing (BPO) even when the Commission accounting increasingly important. One-third of the companies surveyed shows interest to give also the trade related processes in the hands of a service provider in addition to the operation of the Commission system. Another 38 percent want this model probably”in their strategic plans include. Nord-soft has compiled the most important benefits of BPO for Commission solutions: 1. economic benefits with fixed monthly expenses: based on the volumes of data inbound and are regularly lower than the current cost of in-house processes for Commission statements.

On the other hand, the human resources for the Commission processing are relieved, also be savings in the training of employees. 2. transparent and good predictable monthly Costs: A monthly fixed price is agreed typically for the complete performance package with the current fee for the Commission software together with additional functions, the maintenance and deployment of human resources. There be added one-off costs for setting up the work environment, the interface implementation to any third-party systems, and migration. A customer-specific fixed price can be defined also for these expenses. 3. discharge of the entire back office processes: This includes the recording and processing of intermediary master data, the Commission agreements with product donors and data distribution logic in relation to the Commission recipients. In addition, the complete booking information in the product shall be imported in maximum machine.

The elaboration of the final Commission accounts for the intermediaries, which then can be sent to email or obtained via a portal based on this. 4. higher quality in the processes of the Commission calculation: through the specialization of the partners does it receive a best practice support, representing itself through more precise and efficient processes with significantly reduced processing overhead in the Commission calculation. 5. exemption from technical tasks: the company requires no technical expertise for the provision of software and the definition of the interface processes, but to access specialists. Technical hosting can be made according to individual customer requirements at the supplier of Commission solution or another provider. 6 flexibility in contract design: relatively short periods of notice avoided contractual restraints so that the company can respond appropriately to changing framework conditions. A Kundenbranding is also possible by the outsourced services such as an own performance is offered to third parties. About Nord-soft: The company was founded over 20 years ago. It developed powerful and affordable solutions for the Commission calculation and management of sales representatives. To the Customers include companies such as LBS, SEB, OVB, savings banks, etc. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers is Nord-soft able, even complex projects from analysis, design, software development and hardware sales, financing, installation, professional training and the run-on side support.

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