Hello dear readers! Today we'll talk with you about the most important, why should begin. And so you decided to work in network marketing, but there are so many companies, and all of herself vying with each other to praise. How to make your choice. And if you're still in doubt, I suggest to download and watch this one movie. However, we now consider the situation that you are at a crossroads. Remember the bad companies do not exist, otherwise they will not continue to work for many years and in many countries around the world. 1.Vo first ask how old the company is working in what countries is its official representative (note – it is official!). It is clear that the company, which started to work 20-30 years ago, at that time was also a newcomer.

But you must admit that you now have the widest choice. So – give preference to companies that operate in the global market for at least 10 years old, and preferably 15-20 or more. The more 'experience' at the company means the more there are happy consumers of its products, and in addition it has said about the stability of the company. You're going to conduct a stable business! Avoid promising new companies, one-day! 2.Biznes plan. That is something that many new distributors and .Poetomu analyze this question popodrobney.Vse company can be divided into three types of Selling Selling Selling Consumer-consumer companies. According to Warren Kanders, who has experience with these questions. Their marketing plan (plan rewards distributors) are mainly aimed at stimulation of the distributor to a large or medium-sized purchases and they usually give a greater percentage of sales.

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