Cogito, Ergo Sum The Trainer Principle

New E-book on successful and quirky management practices in the IT training is the book a critical review on over 30 years of experience in international education management. The focus training is placed on IT and wants to show what is so good and so successful the good IT education provider, which, however, repeatedly mistake others and where go the current trends in the management of education. The book is chapter administered, of course we want to arouse even the anticipation of the next with each published passage and invite you to frequently visit of our website of PerformNet AG. More than a marketing gimmick to stimulate the book even to think about. With spitzer spring by Ulrich Hoffmann and Dr. Gerd Theobald written and edited the book to simultaneously entertain and inform. With regard to the anonymity of the case studies, soothes Ulrich Hoffmann: persons, names, and places are changed, should find themselves but one or the other and realize it is also not entirely off our pedagogical intention.

The first chapter is now released and available for download on the homepage. ces.html PerformNet AG the Swiss company PerformNet AG with headquarters in CH-4142 Munchenstein is the worldwide leading provider, that analyzes business processes of continuing vocational training with a benchmark-based method and its tools, and leads to the high-performance organization with proven measures. “” Core of the products and services is under the leadership of Ulrich Hoffmann developed pulse rate benchmarking method and the best practices database “with data from over 350 performance analysis and performance improvement” projects at commercial training organisations. PerformNet AG think future… Benchmark… Lead PerformNet AG Lange Rutti 15 CH-4142 Munchenstein Tel. + 41 61 413 0853 fax + 41 61 413 0851

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