CLUTTER IN the NET the disordered assemblies of the aerial nets are of telephones, antennas, handles of force or Internet transforms poles of the streets, in true trees of Christmases. The accumulated visual pollution of one of handles was not enough, the threat the security of the contributor seems imminent and the good given service second goes being in plain. If the business card of the service is the finishing this clutter very leaves to desire. The excesses would have to be prevented, but nothing that hindered the companies to use the same poles, however, the double headings of net, that must be prevented, many times become triple, playing all calculation of effort of poles for nullity, causing risk of fall of the same ones. Poles that must have concretadas bases, better to support them, are planted with little or no cement, to generate a ilusria economy. It is not rare to observe these poles placed in sidewalk narrow being taken the ticket of pedestrians. Also it is not rare to see some nets of electrification, almost leaned in transforming marquees and windows or that blow up almost inside of some rooms of superior floors. If it will be impracticable that all this equipment arrives until the residences of underground form to minimize the risk and the dirt, perhaps is not so absurdly difficult to convert our heavy taxes installing resources for isolation of the handles, when next to the high residences, improving the shield of transforming with chamber of abafamento of noises in cases of surtos and the explosions, organizing the confusion of handles, not obstructing the traffic in the public stroll when in narrow streets and determining the net of which company it will finish in which pole, not to overload it with all the nets the same pulling it for side.

Who knows to diminish some traps of some nets with long stretches excessively between poles, at least isolating the conductors not to generate accidents in days of strong winds. It also fits to the contributor to watch its children not to get worse the things still more, freeing pipes that increase the volume of the garbage aerial. It also fits to denounce irresponsible people who play tennises moored between pairs in the wirings, being emporcalhando a little plus this so confused work already. The distributions of nets of force, antennas, telephony and Internet are importantssimas and can improve very, since that if it so little does not make with our more expensive tributes each time.

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