Christmas In Italy

Santa Claus, Father Frost, or even the Christ? In Italy, brings none of these traditional forms to the children the gifts. In the land of olives, pasta and pizza an old witch comes with the longed-pack slipped through the chimney. Moreover, turning the Italians pretty much is the equipment of their nativity – and Christmas – how could it be otherwise in Italy – a celebration of the family. The Christmas Traditions Christmas traditions are different in Italy, depending on the region. Jeff Gennette follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. There are lit as in some other European countries, the Advent wreath, four candles which by and by Sunday after Sunday until Christmas Eve in Italy. On 6 December is San Nicola small gifts to the bedroom door, but apparently does not even appear.

Already on 13.12. the good children gifts again – this time was borrowed from Santa Lucia, the shape of the early Christian martyr Lucy of Syracuse. Ten days later, on 23.12., Many Italian children do in shepherds clothing and Flutes on the way to go from house to house, and – in exchange for money or sweets – Christmas present. Am 23.12. also begin fasting, it is to hold out until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve will be fired at the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, cannon shots to indicate the start of the holidays. The families organize a kind of family lottery in which they move to the “Urn of Fate” their small gifts.

An extensive, hours of Christmas dinner follows, which finds its completion in the form of the midnight mass. The figure of the little child Jesus is from the 24th until the night to 25.12. in his crib, the center of the Italian Christmas, laid. On the morning of 25.12. entitled to family members their small gifts – the birth of Christ is celebrated. Although still the crib playing with the child Jesus, the main role in the Italian Christmas and is lovingly built up a few weeks before Christmas in the living rooms, also have the beautiful decorated with lights, Christmas balls, tinsel and angels Christmas trees, their place in the Italian houses. Witch Befana brings gifts only on 6 January, the Italian children are really at their expense. The old witch Befana flies on her broom from house to house slips through the chimney and fills the much-awaited gifts in the prepared socks or shoes. Naughty children get a present from her only one piece of coal, which is usually but then it made of chocolate. According to legend, the witch would have taken the time to the birth of Christ on the lookout for the baby Jesus too late on her socks and still around today so wrong to look for it. They bring the children in the homes of gifts. Culinary Christmas celebration in Italy is also a culinary feast. It bent the festive table with tasty dishes of chicken with rice, turkey, fish up to the Christmas cake, but also the Veronese specialty or macaroons, honey balls and with fruit. What would be a cozy Italian feast without excellent Italian dishes?

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