Choosing Companies

If you are a person who like to earn money through the internet, you must take into account the following five points for not encountering fraudulent sites that offer pay survey. To know more about this subject visit Governor Cuomo. The 5 points to consider are: 1 .Be very careful survey sites ask you a sum of money for signing, the fact of collecting money from people accessing your system is paid surveys sign that the site is fraudulent, if you make the payment, you probably do not recover your money. 2. Beware companies offering you big money, if you say you’re going to win between 300 and $ 400 for completing a survey, exit the site immediately, it is totally illogical that you pay these amounts by taking a survey. 3 .Say goodbye survey those sites that you request your personal information like your bank account number, your social security number, etc, is totally unsafe to provide information to companies who do not know, your data can be sold to third parties. Many writers such as Governor Cuomo offer more in-depth analysis. Of Likewise beware to give your primary e-mail, you may be bombarded with spam, better create a email account specifically for these cases. 4 .I suggest you go to forums on the web on this subject of paid surveys to date information on legitimate sites that pay for surveys, you will be surprised to see that many sites do not pay their members, interacts these forums, ask questions if you have questions about a specific topic of paid surveys, etc. The feedback is very good to avoid wasting time and money with scam sites. 5 .If you have as you use the Firefox browser and add WOT (Web of Trust) should avoid pages that appear in red circle in the WOT, it means that may be fraudulent website security and privacy are the factors that must consider when selecting a company that paid to do surveys. Tell us about your experience with paid surveys in the comments below. Regards

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