Calculate Calories

The amount of calories in a balanced diet necessary to maintain a healthy weight, is calculated as follows: to) Basal metabolism: multiply your weight x 20 if you are a woman, x 21 If you are man, i.e.: Tu weight x… = Nro. To know more about this subject visit Governor Cuomo. Basic calories you need your metabolism B) energy (calories) you need for your daily activities: for this you do a self-evaluation: If you’re sedentary / a, for example, remain seated / to many hours a day, walking very little etc. the score is of. 20% Soft activity: If e.g.

walk an hour a day 30% activity moderate-active: if little time sitting or staying, do household chores, clean, short grass, etc. 40% Very actividad:si practice sport, or are moving in your work or do things that you require (effort. 50% now multiplied: the basic calories Nro you need your metabolism (calculated on A) X that % = C) now have to add the calories you need your body to digest and absorb nutrients. Para eso debes sumar los resultados de A-) + B-) Y a este resultado se lo multiplica por 10% Es decir A-)+B-) X 10% = C) D) Suma todos los datos obtenidos:A)+B)+C) Calorias Metabolicas+Calorias Activ.Fisica+Calorias nutrientes= Nro. Total calories per day is the total daily calories you need to incorporate to keep up with energy and health through a balanced diet. Example: A woman of 35 years who weighs 65 Kg, works in a company as a clerk, walks a little in your time of rest, what is your daily need of energy? A) X 20: 65 Kg weight x 20 = 1300 calories B) 1300 x 30% = 390 calories C) 1300 + 390 = 1690 calories x 10% = 169 calories D) Total number of calories (energy) per day that this person needs = 1300 + 390 + 169 = 1859 calories a day knowing how many calories you need per day, you’ll know that amount of fuel requires your body, hence the importance of feed yourself according to a balanced diet, and not with those diets miraculous, low calorie, signifying hunger diets for people who want to lose weight, that after a while, inevitably, generated effect rebound or I – I (i.e. return to gain weight, even more than ever before). For more information, visit us by clicking on: UnDietEquilibrada.Blogspot.

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