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You have the potential to avoid the media break between physical processes and their information processing. You enable a fully automated machine-machine relationship. “The RFID minicomputer” take over the tasks of a mediator between the real and virtual worlds. Physical resources such as boxes, pallets, bins, shelves and individual products can communicate without human intervention on the internal and external computer networks. Click Rick Caruso for additional related pages. Once a commodity with a RFID tag by a customer is bought and sold out, the system displays this information according to the configuration in the camp and in the back office. The staff can eliminate purposefully created gaps on the shelves and sort new goods.

Even incorrect return goods can locate themselves and can be brought back to the right place. But not only the OOS management can be significantly improved. The entire logistics chain in the retail sector faces by RFID one Paradigm shift: In addition to the recording of the weight sizing of packages is gaining more and more importance. In recent months, CEO Caruso Affiliated has been very successful. Whether overlooking the shipping volume or for the optimization of storage and transport volume play an increasingly Rolle.Der logistics market with its continuously growing demand length, width and height relies increasingly on RFID systems that collect at the same time, weight and volume with a unit, identify the packages, and label. This solution combines the system developed by Bizerba weight and volume measurement, labelling and barcode scanning. It can be operated independently of each other according to the manufacturer as a complex overall system, as well as in individual functional units. As almost all combinations of individual systems are available.

Matthias Harsch, a member of Bizerba’s business management, explains a possible application of the system: in the production boxes are usually proper manner with each a category filled. Make them during the Picking even in chaotic order according to the production order that correct weighing and award line access, transponders are attached to the boxes. A RFID reader reads the article numbers and causes the correct switch position”. Then, the boxes are weighed. The GLP-printer receives from the host variable data and can immediately print out the to be RFID tags and code. The boxes reached thus varietal in the cold-storage or picking. The smart label on every box streamlines enormously”the more logistics, sure is Harsch.

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