Author’s Note: this article due to its length was divided into two parts, to be published one weekly. Then part 1: this title I adjudique to this article allows two interpretations: the literal, by which those who do not know about the law of attraction, will be this interpretation where you focus your attention and who will as usual his criticism without having been implemented previously studied in depth to this matter, staying on the surface with the film the secret. And the second interpretation, which is the valid, where with this question I’m exclaiming God is wise? (remember that I am is the own name as it was personally know God to Moses on Mount Sinai). Then do to where I want to go?: because to demonstrate again that the contradictions posed by the Bible are read literally, rather than interpret the teachings that this left us, leave and leave each individual to take it between your hands. Because as I have said in another article (the passion of Christ), to understand the above must take the Bible as if it were an autobiography of each of us, where to forget what you already live and live (quantum physics), he reminds it us with his word and example. Showing us that way what are the steps that we must perform to successfully run what today calls advertising law of attraction, but that is nothing else than the method explained in the same Bible but already pragmatically and without the veil that covers the truth. So when I say is God wise?, is to make everyone wonder knowing that the previous answer is affirmative, because God is shows literally unfair to whom does not correspond. To explain the above I trascribire Bible previously verses of what is called the book of the Kings, where expresses about the life of Solomon, who received from God the gift of wisdom.

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