Assembly Members

Residents of Vicente Lopez exposed before deputies El Mayor Garcia, and Assembly members confronted by a retinue of the United Assembly coastal road by the River yesterday attended the Commission’s resources natural of the Chamber of Deputies. Ignacio Barousse, the architect Edgardo Estrin Assemblyman and lawyer, Dr. Miguel Quintabani exposed to deputies the issues relating to the work of the coastal road and changes in building codes for projecting the mega real estate projects that advance on the coast, as well as also irregularities in the layout, formation and implementation of the project and its present and future environmental implications about the Paseo of la Costa de Vicente Lopez. Ran a story about the facts, administrative acts and Government relating to the case, a balance of the exhibition, which can rescue the proposal of the Deputy Veronica Venas, so that irregularities are investigated as the use of federal funds in works which, according to the neighbors were devised and designed by enterprising individuals. The display of tests that demonstrate the complicity between entrepreneurs with Councillors and civil servants.

Despite the current conformation of the deliberative Council with the ruling minority, the Mayor Enrique Garcia was able to build a majority through shady arrangements with five Councillors belonging to other political parties, in the controversial session on December 24, 2004, when the Honorable deliberative Council at four in the morning and secretly, voted a series of Ordinances which modifies the code of urban planningchanging the zoning of the riparian zone and allowing buildings in height where it was previously forbidden. This change of urban landscape entails the creation of an avenue linking the streets Laprida and Arenales, i.e. future Shopping, back of the Carrefour supermarket with the towers of Yrigoyen, transforming the current recreational space with preference of green areas in one very similar to Puerto Madero. The project aims to a valorarizacion of the lands of the riparian zone favoring real estate and an almost private Avenue for exclusive use facing the River.

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