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Complexity that acquire, in some companies, interpersonal relationships, makes really difficult to innovate, make decisions, diversify business interests, or even, work effectively. And often, faced with these challenges, responding with dysfunction. The philosopher and famed American author Eric Hoffer, who was one of the first thinkers who recognized the critical importance of self-esteem and control of emotions for a psychological well-being, wrote: in times of change, those who are open to learning aduenaran of the future. In both, those who think they know everything, you will find beautifully equipped to operate in a world that ceased to exist. Therefore the challenge is raised: a complex network of interrelational scenarios, and a few unpredictable global contexts, which we reported increasingly more uncertainty, it seems that, in order to optimize results and prevent an excessive stress, a management model is required (and personally, a learning model) based on the constant questioning, with the objective of expanding our personal knowledge, and thus to expand our boundaries of action.

In other words: learn yourself in the diversity of scenarios in which is exposed, making that his attitude evolves perceive them as a threat to perceive them as an opportunity. In this line, every day more companies (employees, managers or entrepreneurs), put in the hands of external, professional specialists of the coaching, the analysis of the emotional difficulties that they alienate the company where they work, be a smart and effective organization. A business environment, in which create an emotional context so that, in addition to the achievement of the business achievements, the achievements of each of its members. In short, a shared vision, in which interests of company and employees They are aligned, not confronted. Original author and source of the article

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