Aleksey Gorbunov

" In addition to rapid deployment of network access to mobile networks is also important that the system is on based on gsm is easy to install. Even in cases where metering is available for the regular rounds, the remote collection of evidence may be preferable. Easy to install and configure the hardware and the low price identified choice of one of the district heating companies in Yaroslavl in favor of GSM-communication. "Work greatly facilitated by the fact that all objects of the same type heat meters were installed multical , with the possibility of inclusion in any network dispatch, – says Aleksey Gorbunov, section chief of jsc "" implemented in the past 2009 installation of the equipment of automatic reading and remote transmission of data at registration in Yaroslavl neighborhood Sokol. – Of all the possible options for Heat Supply Company decided to use gsm.

The technical realization of the difficulties are not caused. " Module data set directly into the body calculator on the basis of plug-and-play. Via the standard RS232 interface, it provides integration with external GSM-modem. The latter is connected to the mains supply, install an external antenna and SIM-card and the program frequency of data transmission tower. "All this is done within one working day, without any haste, – adds Alexei Gorbunov. – Interfere with the work of the by adding communication module is not necessary, but it is important from the security point of view of accounting data. " The initiator of the Yaroslavl project was the company which is carrying out heating area.

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