In all the institutions still exist potential to be developed, that is, resulted better professionals who can generate more and. The search of talentos inside of the proper organization creates expectations of growth in the company and all collaborators. It is a form of awaking the spirit of leadership in each one. Instead of looking people who already if have detached in other companies to fill the leadership positions, the company must think that the best leaders can already be part of its team as a wasted talent. THEORETICAL ANALYSIS the Leadership is necessary in all the types of organization human being, mainly in the companies and each one of its departments.

It is essential in all the functions of the Administration: the necessary administrator to know the nature human being and to know to lead the people. (CHIAVENATO, 2001). The leaders influence the people thanks to its power, that can be the legitimate power, gotten with the exercise of a position, reference power, in function of the qualities and charisma of the leader and the power of knowing, exerted thanks to knowledge that the leader withholds. (LACOMBE, 2003). Thus, one concludes that the leadership in the organization is basic for the accomplishments of the activities developed in the company, assuming great responsibility to reach the organizacionais goals. The leadership is an important subject for the managers due to the basic paper that the leaders represent in the effectiveness of the group and the organization.

The leaders are responsible for the success or failure of the organization. To lead is not a simple task, for the opposite, leadership demands patience, disciplines, humildade, respect and commitment, therefore the organization is an alive being, endowed with collaborators of the most different types. To lead, of a well clear form, can be understood as efficient and efficient management of the people of a team, so that it reaches the objectives considered for the organization.

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