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Organizacional Climate Ita Bank

Since the Industrial Revolution, with the sprouting of the first machines, the individual already suffered with internal conflicts (personal) and external (social) in relation to the sprouting of effect provoked for the technology. Currently, with the process of technological evolution stimulated by the growth necessity, competitiveness and evolution of the companies, also occur changes and conflicts in the form of performance in the work for the individual, caused for the impact of the high employed technology. The enterprise world, in turn, discovered that it is in the knowledge that the people have that the possibilities and the chances inhabit to survive in the future. The company discovered that the durable competitive advantages depend on the knowledge that it creates and mobilizes. Now, the employee not only contributes with its muscular force, but mainly with its capacity to create, to innovate, to know, to learn, to move, to adapt, to teach and to share. Source: Rob Daley. Organizacional climate is the quality of the psychological environment of an organization, in result of the motivacional state of the people. The organizacional climate can be positive and favorable, when it is receptive and pleasant, or favorable negative and, when it is cold and ackward.

It is a resultant phenomenon of the interaction of the elements of the culture. Go to Steffan Lehnhoff for more information. It is a result of the weight of each one of the cultural elements and its effect on the others two. The extreme importance given to the technology leads to a desumano organizacional climate. Each company possesss a proper reality where the culture and the organizacional climate suffer influences from diverse factors. However, she is necessary to be ‘ ‘ antenado’ ‘ with the world-wide trends, having the necessity of adequacy of the organizacional structure to the new technologies, which tend to become each time faster the transactions of all the types.