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Hot Bird

After assembly, check strength tightening of fasteners, check the correct assembly and it is often collected incorrectly, and then configure davolno all utb thing Before installing the antenna you need to install two additional mounting Lenses (multifeed for options on three satellites), as shown in the figure. Left of Amos, in the heart of Sirius and more Hot Bird. If you look in the mirror antenna converter is located on the imaginary line at a certain angle, and Hot Bird at the bottom and top of Amos. To connect the cable to use so-called F-connectors, which are placed on the cable without soldering. It is done correctly, as shown in this photo: Trimmed 1,2 cm top layer of pvc from the edge of the cable. Shielded braid with foil tucked in the opposite direction. Internal filler is cut so that it remains about 3 mm. F-connector on the cable is wound tight as long as the internal filler does not come out of the bottom connector.

Central vein bite so that it protruded 2-3 mm beyond the edge connector. If the cable is still easy to wound, after the implementation of paragraph 1 on the cable insulation podmotayte layer of duct tape, and on the points. When connecting wires to the converter to remember what the converter is connected to which input DISEqC switch. For example: Amos – port '1 'or in some tuners this port is called the' A 'Sirius – Port '2' ('B'); Hot Bird – Port '3 ' ('C'). 4.

The final setup of satellite antennas. Tighten the screws so as to be able with some effort to move the antenna up and down and side to side, and without making efforts antenna would have remained fixed. Then start to systematically scan the sky around the chosen aiming point. To configure the required near the antennas have a tuner and a tv. In the tuner set the port DISEqC switch as you connect the converter to DISEqC switch. Cord, connect DISEqC switch input tuner. On the tuner, select any channel from the satellite Sirius (in the tuner should be sewn all the channels for your dish), if not stitched enter manually setting and type in the desired frequency transponder Stracke 11,766 in line sokrost stream 27000 and Error Correction utb in Russian fec 34. From the menu, locate the tuner scale signal level – then go to tuning the antenna. For a set of three satellites Amos, Sirius, Hot Bird plate to plate to rotate approximately 25 (30 ) to the west of the geographical south (determined by compass south and continue on the scale povarachivaem antenna on the west). Rotation by 30 from the fact that the breadth of the city of Dnepropetrovsk 35 east longitude, Kiev – 30 . Position of the satellite Sirius 5 . Accordingly, in Kiev povarachivaem at 25 , and in Dnepropetrovsk at 30 to the west. Set up the Sirius. Plate placed almost vertically with a slight slope upward. Rotating slowly plate to the left and right we find the signal. Spinning all the nuts so that a plate was flat. and motionless! After etogo pass to set up multifeed, first Amos then Hotberd. all, by analogy with Sirius.