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Residual Income

WHAT ARE THE RESIDUAL INCOME? In fact the residual income payments we receive in our account even though we are not working, or when we’re on vacation, walking with family and even when we are sleeping, and money continues to grow our bank account. What difference find traditional work?, employees, small business owners and professionals working if not making money. So live forever changing their time for money in routine work or business owners stress that absorb time and effort. Traditionally the only ways to earn residual income and liabilities were true: 1. The inheritance money to win a high percentage rate of production in a traditional business. 2. Artistic industries such as music or film, where musicians and actors, and their descendants, repeatedly earning per song or movie purchased or displayed.

3. Investments such as stocks and bonds, with all the risks. 4. The income from investments in property property. 5. Selling insurance with monthly or annual renewals. These are all great methods if you have rich relatives, if you are or aspire to be a famous artist or you are a descendant of … or if you have money to lose or to risk a large sum of capital to acquire properties for rent, or if you want to spend much time learning the insurance business (… and there was your free time.) So, what’s the answer? Network Marketing Network Marketing provides the perfect solution with low investment, even if you have little time or no experience! With this wonderful business model, will generate a recurring income for the effort once!


According to the researchers, this ability to manipulate basic biology to increase perceived pleasure is an example of what is called “neuromarketing.” “We found out that the more expensive wine, have more activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex of the brain,” said Antonio Rangel, associate professor of economics at Cal Tech “I can change the activity in the brain that encodes subjective pleasure changing the price at which you think the product is sold without changing the product, “he said. The findings are published in the online edition of this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the study, Rangel and his colleagues asked twenty people to rate their enjoyment of red wines of different prices while undergoing functional magnetic resonance imaging. But there was a trick, two of the wines were presented twice, once with a high price and another with a reduced price. The researchers found that people said he liked the wine “expensive” rather than “cheap.” Moreover, fMRI scans showed that when people drank wine “expensive” had more activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex, which reacted to the pleasure experienced by smells, tastes and music. It was believed that pleasure involves a product depended solely on this, said Rangel. “This suggests that it is not. Beliefs about what you are experiencing also affect how pleasant it is the experience, “Rangel believes that incorporating factors other than the product itself to the experience of it is part of human nature.

“This is something that can be exploited by marketing but has not been created by it.” For Rangel, neuromarketing is a scientific, not commercial. “We want to understand how they affect the environmental variables, such as price, the calculations that the brain makes a decision,” he says. We added in the information provided, that Jon Hanson, a professor of law school at Harvard, said the new study points the way in which marketing can manipulate feelings about a product to influence about options, “we tend to defend as rational or reasonable.” “This new study seems to make it quite valuable some of the neural mechanisms behind what makes something attractive, tasty or nice, and could be important in providing additional evidence on how the Herculean investments in marketing are justified because they operate under the radar more aware of the reasoning components of our minds, “said Hanson. “It could suggest ways in which consumers are faced with the cognitive dissonance of paying a high price for something. People enjoy your purchase, more precisely, because it paid more “Another expert thinks the neuromarketing a way of understanding how people think and how to streamline marketing efforts. “The use of neuroscientific methods and paradigms to help answer questions on marketing theory has the potential to revolutionize the understanding of the relationship between organizations and consumers, “said Nick Lee, senior lecturer of marketing group Aston Business School in Birmingham, England. Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. (ITESM), Graduate in Business Administration, management, education (Exatec) PhD Professor of Graduate Education Faces UC. Consultant-Business Advisory

Making Money Online

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